Hand Pallet Wrap

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Hand Pallet Wrap


20MU High Performance Pallet Wrap In Boxes Of 6

Available in extended cores for easy handling of rolls while wrapping (see image) or flushed cores for use with a pallet wrap dispenser.

400MMx300M Extended Core - £5.00 Per Roll (Box Of 6)
400MMx300M Flushed Core - £5.00 Per Roll (Box Of 6)

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What Makes Our Pallet Wrap So Special?

At Elite Plastics we take stretch wrap pretty seriously, our Elite Technical Team have developed a multi-layer high performance pallet stretch wrap that performs to the highest standards as cost effectively as possible. Used widely throughout the UK by hundreds of businesses that include some of the countries largest companies. Put simply our product has to be the best and this is what makes it the best;

Technologically superior through it's multiple layers it is stronger and more cost effective. The film offers superior load retention, puncture resistance, toughness and stretch capability over regular pallet wraps that all reduce costs and allow businesses to safely and securely stretch wrap their goods thanks to Elite Plastics industry leading innovative pallet wrap.