Polythene Mailing Bags

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Polythene Mailing Bags

from 22.75

High Quality Despatch Bags Sold By The Box

160x220 (6.5x8.5") - 2,000 Bags/Box - £28.75
260x300 (10x12") - 1,000 Bags/Box - £26.00
300x350 (12x14") - 1,000 Bags/Box - £33.50
350x400 (14x16") - 500 Bags/Box - £22.75
400x525 (16x20.5") - 500 Bags/Box - £30.50
525x600 (20.5x23.5") - 250 Bags/Box - £23.00
600x700 (23.5x27.5") - 250 Bags/Box - £31.75
700x800 (27.5x31.5") - 200 Bags/Box - £34.75

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Strong & 100% Opaque these are the perfect despatch bags for your mailing needs. Designed and developed by the Elite Technical Team to be of exceptional quality and cost effectiveness. These mailing bags have a grey outer later and a black inner layer which offers the exceptional toughness and durability required while also being 100% opaque for security.

Bag Features

  • 1 Permanent Hi-Stik Seal Strip For Security
  • 100% Opaque For Security
  • High Strength Mailing Bag For Durability
  • Easy Peel Strip For Speed Of Packing
  • Made From 100% Recycled Material For Environment
  • Black Inner Layer, Grey Outer Layer For Presentation
  • Anti-Peel Material Properties To Prevent Labels Coming Off
  • Easy Open Mailing Bag For Speed Of Packing

Developed, Manufactured & Sold By Elite Plastics

You may think "That's a lot of features for a bag!" but these bags have been developed by our Elite Technical Team who develop mailing bags for some of the UK's leading online retailers where millions are used each and every week which means that they must have exceptional properties and cost efficiency that put us ahead of everyone else in the industry. By buying from Elite you are not only buying at the low manufacturer prices but also buying the immense technical expertise.