VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Anti Corrosion Polythene Film Manufactured To Exact Specification. For Heat Shrink & Non-Shrink Applications To Protect Metals From Corrosion. Elite Plastics Lead The Industry For VCI Shrink & Non-Shrink Films, Covers & Bags

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Elite's Industry Leading VCI Films

Elite are industry leading manufacturers and experts in polythene VCI packaging. Extruding VCI films for some of the UK's leading companies within the metals industry. Our VCI polythene products are used to protect metal products from corrosion during storage, shipping and transport. Our products are used for all anti-corrosion metal applications, from low value metal products to extremely high value metal products. Elite VCI products are tried and trusted for all VCI applications.

About Our VCI Films

Manufactured utilising the latest polymer technologies and extrusion techniques our VCI polythene films are impregnated with state of the art non-toxic VCI technologies. When our VCI polythene films are wrapped or heat shrunk around a metal product and an airtight atmosphere created, the film gradually releases VCI molecules into the airtight atmosphere coating the metal with a microscopic layer of the VCI molecules which prevents corrosion of the metal. The effect is continuous for up to 24 months, so the air-tight atmosphere can be broken and re-sealed multiple times and the VCI atmosphere surrounding the metal will re-form and re-coat. This means our VCI film is perfect for transport, shipping and storing of metal products small and large. Our VCI polythene shrink films and protection films protect metals such as carbon steels, stainless steels, copper, brass, aluminium, silver and galvanised steel. 

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Capability Specifications

Width Range
From 100MM Up To 3 Metres

Film Material
Regular LD Polythene
High Strength Polythene
Recycled Polythene + More

Thickness Range
25 Micron - 300 Micron
100 Gauge - 1200 Gauge

Print Capability
Up To 6 Colours
In-Line & Reel-To-Reel Printing

Optional Film Properties
Anti-Static, Flame Retardent, High/Low Slip Level, UV Inhibitor, Corrosion Preventative etc.

Film Colour
Complete Range Of Colours


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Entirely Manufactured By Elite Plastics Resulting In High Quality VCI Film At Very Competitive Prices
Minimum Order For Film Is 250-500 KG's Depending On Specification Which Is Approximately A Half Pallet