Industry Leaders In Form, Fill & Seal (FFS) Polythene Films, We Work Alongside Our Customers To Develop, Innovate, Manufacture & Deliver Cutting Edge FFS Films That Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs Regardless Of Application.

Supplying Nationwide Into Every Industry

Elite Plastics over the years has developed a reputation as a leading manufacturer of technically exceptional form, fill and seal polythene films. With the capability to meet any specification demand of FFS film from mono to co-extrusion, Elite Plastics FFS customer base is one of the largest in the UK and extends into every industry where there is a polythene requirement to be met. From aggregates, chemicals, granules, polymers and fertilisers right through to the food and drink industry, Elite Plastics leads the way in terms of technological innovation, processing efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer service. We work alongside all of our customers to ensure that film that is optimised for them based on the latest machine and polymer technologies available.

Print Capabilities Up To 6 Colours

Every extruder at our extrusion facility is fitted with in-line printing presses capable of printing simple 1 or 2 colour designs such as company logos or warning notices that offer a cost effective print option. On-site we also have a print shop that houses our reel to reel printing presses capable of printing complex designs of company and product branding of up to 6 colours. Any print requirements greater than 6 colours or process print is cost effectively contracted out to trusted and capable print partners of Elite Plastics.


Capability Specifications

Width Range
From 100MM Up To 3 Metres

Film Material
Regular LD Polythene
High Strength Polythene
Recycled Polythene + More

Thickness Range
25 Micron - 300 Micron
100 Gauge - 1200 Gauge

Print Capability
Up To 6 Colours
In-Line & Reel-To-Reel Printing

Optional Film Properties
Anti-Static, Flame Retardent, High/Low Slip Level, UV Inhibitor, Corrosion Preventative etc.

Film Colour
Complete Range Of Colours


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Entirely Manufactured By Elite Plastics Resulting In High Quality FFS Film At Very Competitive Prices
Minimum Order For FFS Film Is 250-500 KG's Depending On Specification Which Is Approximately A Half Pallet