99.9% Of Elite Plastics Production Waste Is Internally Recycled & Re-Extruded To Produce Cost Effective High Quality Recycled Films, Bags & Covers That Help Significantly Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

About Our Internal Polythene Recycling Scheme

As with any manufacturing process there is a percentage of scrap material generated as a result of our extrusion, printing and conversion lines. While Elite Plastics has a rigorous scrap reduction and monitoring program that is analysed and managed everyday it unfortunately is not possible to reach the magic 0%. As a result of this Elite Plastics made a significant investment into polythene reclamation machinery that allows us to recycle 99.9% of polythene scrap that we do produce as a company that can then be used to produce recycled polythene products that can meet tasks that doesn't require the quality or consistency of a prime virgin material. Products include recycled rubble sacks, local council bin bags, recycled pallet covers and more.

Internally recycling our scrap polythene allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint as the scrap material never has to leave our production site. With our reclamation hall next to our two extrusion halls the entire process from scrap to re-extrusion is only a matter of metres ensuring the process is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.