Manufacturing Millions Of Bespoke Bags & Covers Each Year

Elite Plastics has a large force of extrusion lines that is complimented by an equally large force of conversion machinery and equipment, in-line printing presses and reel-to-reel printing presses. It's because of this large array of in-house production equipment that Elite Plastics is able to offer the complete range of bags and covers to every industry while delivering an unparalleled level of quality, service and cost savings to it's thousands of customers.


Pallet Covers

There are many types of pallet covers and we manufacture the complete range. Shrink pallet covers to secure loads, high strength covers to protect goods, thin covers for dust protection, cost effective recycled pallet covers, opaque covers to conceal loads and more.

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Mailing Bags

We manufacture millions of mailing bags for a number of the biggest online retailers in the UK, producing high quality mailing bags at very competitive prices. Manufactured bespoke to each customers requirements with the option for printed company branding.

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Aggregate Sacks

Industry leaders in aggregate sacks, we run multiple extrusion lines dedicated to the production of our renowned aggregate sacks. Using our high strength polythene blends we are able to produce sacks thinner and stronger than ever, reducing costs without effecting performance.

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Furniture Covers

Our reputation for producing cost effective high strength polythene has allowed us to excel in the furniture industry, we manufacture our furniture covers bespoke to each customers requirement on strength and size requirement.

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General Bags

Our bread and butter as a polythene manufacturer, churning out bespoke polythene bags day and night in their millions. Each bag is made to the high standards that our customers expect at the most competitive prices with impressive lead times.

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Rubble Sacks

Our rubble and refuse sacks are made bespoke to our customers requirements ensuring that the bags meet requirements as cost effectively as possible. This is helped by our high strength polythene blends and internally recycled polythene sacks.

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General Covers

From light duty dust covers to heavy duty protection covers for transit we manufacture the whole range bespoke to your exact requirements in size, thickness and colour. Covers can be printed with a design of your choice for branding.

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Shrink Covers

Extruded using high quality polymers that utilise the latest technologies our shrink covers and bags are among the best in the industry. Our shrink polythene offers excellent shrink and strength properties while also offering competitive prices.

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Asbestos Sacks

Holding numerous UN certifications for our range of excellent asbestos sacks we are industry leading manufacturers. Extruded using 100% prime polymers our sacks are the strongest around increasing efficiency and saving money.

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Pallet Top Sheets

Manufacturing tens of thousands of bespoke pallet top sheets each week. We are able to produce sheets to exact specifications either perforated on the roll for easy tear and use or loosely converted. With our wide array of extrusion, printing and conversion equipment we can manufacture any pallet top sheet cost effectively.

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Combined with our technically excellent and cost effective stretch film range Elite Plastics can potentially save you thousands on pallet packaging costs. Click Here To See.

Mattress Bags

Industry leaders in the production of mattress bags manufacturing thousands every week. Elite's state of the art wide width extrusion, printing and conversion machinery allows us to produce high quality mattress bags, cost effectively and to any specification requirement. Available in our high strength, blend, high clarity blend and our 100% recycled polythene.

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Clinical Waste Bags & Sacks

Elite Plastics are industry leading manufacturers of UN Approved & Licensed Clinical Waste Bags & Sacks. Manufacturing, stocking and distributing millions of bags into the healthcare sector and specialist waste collection companies. 


Tiger Stripe Bags & Sacks

Alongside Clinical Waste Bags & Sacks Elite are also industry leading manufacturers of Tiger Stripe Bags & Sacks for offensive/hygiene waste. Used when collection and disposal is not subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection.


Polythene Bags Perforated Onto Coreless Rolls

Elite manufacture printed and unprinted Coreless Rolls of Polythene Bags for a host of industries, for refuse application, compostable, clinical waste, medical, pharmaceutical, janitorial, food and many more. Available In Virgin Polythene, 100% Recycled, 100% Bio-Degradable Corn/Potato Starch and more.


VCI Shrink & Non Shrink
Bags & Pallet Covers

VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Anti Corrosion Polythene Film manufactured to exact specification. For heat shrink and non-shrink applications to protect metals from corrosion by creating an air-tight atmosphere that allows the VCI impregnated film to migrate into the air-tight atmosphere and protect metals.


Conversion Methods & Print Options

Loose Bags/Covers Or On A Roll

With our extensive range of conversion machinery we are capable of providing our customers with the option of bags and covers either on the roll or loose packed in boxes or another suitable alternative. Loose bags are preferred for small/medium bags. On a roll is a preferred method for pallet covers, furniture covers, big bags etc.

Branded Bags & Covers

All of our bags and covers can be printed in up to 6 colours with a custom design of your choice, excellent for company or product branding or just a simple warning notice. Elite Plastics have an on-site print shop with reel-to-reel printing presses as well as in-line printers on our extruders allowing us to meet all print requirements.