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Our strong, innovative multi-layer stretch film range is used throughout almost every industry in the UK meeting and exceeding every demand and requirement. Through years of rigorous research and development we have achieved one of the industries most pioneering and competitive stretch film product ranges in the UK. Our stretch pallet wrapping films improves efficiency and reduces costs by utilising the latest polymer and multi-layer extrusion technologies.

Machine Stretch Film


Our excellent range of machine stretch films utilise the latest 5 layer cast technologies resulting in the strongest and most reliable machine stretch films in the industry. Our complete range includes 150% standard and 250% power in the full range of thicknesses to meet your requirements.

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Hand Stretch Film


Our range of blown and cast films provide incredible economical results due to the multi layer extrusion technology used in the production process. We offer the complete range of hand pallet wraps in varying sizes, thicknesses, colours and capabilities. Ensuring our customers reduce costs.

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Pallet Wrap Solutions


Considering updating your existing machine pallet wrapper or implementing one for the first time? We can tailor your business a very competitive proposal to supply the machine and film that best suits your needs and requirements at the most competitive price in the UK. Quotation is free of charge. 

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Why Elite Plastics Is The Industry Stretch Powerhouse 

industry leaders in utilising the latest cast technologies driving innovation & Reducing cost

industry leaders in utilising the latest cast technologies driving innovation & Reducing cost

  • We offer the most competitive prices in the UK on full pallet orders.

  • All orders are delivered on a sale or return basis to guarantee quality.

  • Our multi-layer stretch films increase yields further reducing costs.

  • We offer on-site support and pallet wrapping review free of charge.

Switching your pallet wrap supplier can be considered a bit of a pain, it's often a product that is overlooked when undergoing cost cutting exercises and a lot of businesses take a "if it isn't broke why fix it?" approach. It could unknowingly be unnecessarily costing your business thousands of extra pounds a year. 

Elite Plastics makes switching your stretch film supplier easier than ever with our excellent stretch product range that is delivered on a sale or return basis on all deliveries of hand and machine stretch wraps to eliminate any risk to your business of trying us out as a new supplier, we believe it also highlights the confidence we have in our products, on-site support and of course the most competitive prices in the UK, we just won't be beat.

Simply fill in the form on the right hand side of this page or get in touch and we will provide a very competitive quotation on your current specifications of stretch films. Elite specialise in full pallet quantities of hand and machines stretch films of 1 pallet or more to guarantee the most competitive prices possible. Most stretch products are in stock and can be despatched same day on an overnight service if required to guarantee that we offer the best prices, service and delivery standards in the UK. 

Request A Competitive Quote

Getting a competitive price on stretch film from Elite is easy, simply fill in the form below and we will get straight back to you with a quotation price per KG or per roll. We offer our most competitive prices on full pallet deliveries. 

Because stretch films raw material is oil, the price fluctuates regularly which is why we do not have a price list on our website, we constantly adjust our prices to ensure customers are always paying the lowest prices available in the UK.


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