Polythene Bags & Films Produced From Sugarcane Instead Of Oil, Replacing A Finite Resource With A Sustainable, Renewable & Green Resource. Significantly Reducing The Carbon Footprint Of Polythene While Also Being As Cost Effective As It's Oil Based Counterpart.

What Is Sustain?

Sustain is a polythene blend exclusively manufactured by Elite Plastics. The primary raw material in the blend is a polymer that is derived from Sugarcane instead of oil. Sugarcane as opposed to oil is a renewable resource and when being grown captures CO2 from the environment producing oxygen. Through advances in bio technology we are now able to take this green resource and use it as a key ingredient in our polythene blend. This results in the greenest polythene that has ever been produced. The fact that the sugarcane has captured CO2 from the environment offsets the CO2 emitted in the production processes to produce the polythene and deliver it to the customers door which has been proved in research conducted by the carbon trust. This means that we are capable of producing polythene that is carbon neutral or even carbon negative. Through extensive testing and trials we are capable of manufacturing polythene that contains 100% of the Sugarcane based polymer. Sustain can between 25% to 100% Sugarcane polymer depending on customer needs and requirements. Our Sustain blend has also been innovated to have the same impact, tension and puncture resistant properties as our oil based high strength polythene blends while significantly reducing companies carbon footprints. 

Why Develop Sustain?

We now live in a world where the damage we have done to this planet is almost irreversible and we are rapidly approaching the point of no return. Government legislation goes some way to reducing companies carbon footprints but it is not enough. The onus must be on organisations to seize the initiative and go above and beyond the requirements of government legislation to reduce their carbon footprints more significantly and drastically than required by law. In our industry there has been legislation introductions such as plastic bag tax which go some way to addressing the issue. Elite Plastics wants to tackle this at the source where the government has been ineffective, imagine using polythene bags or films that are made almost entirely from sustainable, recyclable sugarcane based polythene having a positive effect on our environment, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Bio technology has advanced to the point where this is now a reality and Elite Plastics has invested heavily in being able to have the capability to produce produce almost any polythene bag or film in a sustainable, sugarcane based polythene to an equal or greater quality as it's oil based counterpart. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry and show you how much your company could reduce it's carbon footprint and improve it's corporate social responsibility.

What Can Sustain Do For Your Business?

> Help your company meet corporate social responsibility targets
> Reduce your companies packaging carbon footprint significantly
> Excellent marketing tool, promoting the use of green packaging
> Sustain can be printed on, excellent for green branding
> 100% recyclable, Sustain can be recycled with oil based plastic
> Due to Sustains excellent strength properties it can also be more cost effective than regular polythene

Braskem is one of the worlds leading petrochemical companies and are pioneers in sustainable chemistry. Based in Brazil, the worlds largest grower of Sugarcane, Braskem have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in researching, developing and putting into commercial production their "I'm green" polyethylene which is the sustainable Sugarcane polymer used in our Sustain blend. Giving Elite Plastics the capability to produce green, sustainable polythene for our customers in the UK. If you are interested in Sustain for your company, get in touch.