The polythene extrusion industry is currently undergoing rapid technological advancement. One of the key areas lies in significant advancement and innovation in polymer technologies. Polymer is the raw material used to create every polythene bag, cover and film. This is why polymer development and innovation is so crucial in producing polythene products that are stronger, more efficient, more sustainable and more cost effective. Elite Plastics has developed a reputation for being at the forefront of utilising the latest most advanced polymers and we take it a step further. Through rigorous research and development we source the latest innovative polymers from around the world experimenting and blending them to create "recipes" that produce cutting edge polythene with the end goal of manufacturing polythene that excels in purpose reducing customer costs and their environmental footprint.


Our Carbon Negative Polythene

Sustainable & Recyclable
Made From Up To 100% Sugarcane.
Carbon Neutral/Negative Polythene
Generates More Oxygen Than CO2


Our Strong Cost Reducing Polythene

High Strength, High Performance
Much Stronger Than Regular LDPE 
Up To 20% Reduction In Costs
Up To 20% Reduction In CO2


Our Internally Recycled Polythene

High Quality Recycled Polythene
100% Recycled Polythene
Re-Uses Scrap Polythene Efficiently
Cost Effective Polythene


Our High Strength Shrink Polythene

Utilises Technologically Advanced Shrink Polymers In A High Strength Blend Exclusive To Elite Plastics.
Reduces Shrink Polythene Costs
Reduces Shrink Material Used
Improved Shrink Properties


Our Strongest & Clearest Polythene


The Strongest Polythene On Market
Substantially Outperforms Normal LD
170% Greater Tension Resistance
38% Greater Puncture Resistance
High Optics & Clarity Polythene 
Reduces Cost & Material Significantly


Our New-Age Shrink Polythene

eShrink Uses Next Generation Polymers That Result In A High Strength, High Performance Shrink Blend With Significantly Reduced Holing Properties, Perfect For Shrink Pallet Covers & Industrial Films

Supa Matt

Our Strong Matte Finish Polythene

Our High Strength Blend But With A High Quality Matte Finish. This Blend Is Extremely Popular Among Our Retail Customers For Mailing Bags For Cost Efficiency And Aesthetics

Supa Freez

Our Strong Freezer Grade Polythene

Our High Strength Freezer Grade Food Safe Blend. Used Almost Entirely By Our Customers Within The Food & Drink Industry For It's Cost Efficiency And Performance

Supa Sak

Our Strong Sack Grade Polythene

Our High Strength Sack Grade Polymer Blend That Is Perfect For Aggregate And Rubble Sacks Due To It's Rigidity, Strength, Impact Resistance And Cost Efficiency