The Leading UK Manufacturer Of UN Approved & Licensed Heavy Duty Polythene Asbestos Bags/Sacks.

In an industry where a sub-par product is simply not acceptable, Elite Plastics manufactures high quality UN approved and tested polythene asbestos sacks that excel in purpose. Manufactured from 100% prime polymers in our high strength Supa Sak blend through our specialised sack extruders we ensure that quality is never compromised, every one of our millions of asbestos sacks is safe and fit for use.  

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We Manufacture

600 X 900MM Range & 900 X 1200MM Range

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  • Our Asbestos Sack Range
    We manufacture and stock a range of UN tested and approved asbestos bags for asbestos removal and disposal. Due to fluctuating polymer prices and our commitment to constantly offer the most competitive prices there is not a price list available on this site. For an up to date product price list fill in the enquiry form on the right hand side requesting a price list or get in touch.

  • Tested & Approved Asbestos Sacks To UN Requirements
    Every asbestos sack in our range has been subject to UN Package Performance Tests upon which every sack type has passed and been awarded a certificate of packaging performance by the VCA Dangerous Goods Office which is the government authority on the packaging of asbestos waste. This means that all of our printed asbestos sacks come with approved and up to date UN certification numbers and information on for traceability and confirmation of license. Upon request we can also provide copies of certification for the asbestos sacks that we manufacture one of which is on the right, click the image to enlarge.

  • The Best Asbestos Sacks In The UK
    Due to the dangerous purpose of of these sacks and our leading role within the industry in the production of asbestos sacks we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that every asbestos sack maintains a consistant level of high quality that goes above and beyond government legislation and standards. Every one of our asbestos sacks is manufactured through our specialised sack extruders using a complex blend of state of the art prime high strength polymers that produce asbestos sacks that offer exceptional puncture, impact and tension resistant properties.

  • No Recycled Polythene In Our Asbestos Sacks
    Our asbestos sacks do not contain any recycled material which commonly results in an inconsistant sack with varying performance levels that is prone to failing on site and putting operators at unnecessary risk. By using 100% prime polymers in the production process we ensure that our sacks offer unparalleled levels of consistancy and quality.

  • High Quality & Cost Effective
    Being one of the UK's leading sack manufacturers we are able to produce our asbestos sacks efficiently and cost effectively ensuring that we offer our customers top quality asbestos sacks at the most competitive prices. 

Entirely Manufactured By Elite Plastics Resulting In High Quality Asbestos Sacks At Very Competitive Prices.