Refuse Sacks & Bin Bags

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Refuse Sacks & Bin Bags


457 X 737 X 991MM (18" X 29" X 39")

Heavy Duty - Industrial grade perfect for home use and rough handling
Sold In Boxes Of 250 - 40 Micron/160 Gauge

Extra Heavy Duty - Even thicker for extra heavy industrial and home use
Sold In Boxes Of 200 - 47.5 Micron/190 Gauge

Duty Grade:
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Avoid the thin and weak bin bags supplied by the supermarkets and councils we supply proper bin bags.

Elites Refuse Sacks & Bin Bags are made to a heavy duty standard to eliminate any breaking and holes and hassle caused by bags produced as cheaply as possible without quality standards. Once you try our bags we guarantee you won't want to move back.

Made from 100% Recycled material to a high strength standard on Elite's state of the art extrusion and bagging lines to ensure the best quality Refuse & Bin Bags on the market at a competitive price. High puncture and tension resistance and thicker material manufactured to an industrial grade standard ensures that you won't have any problems with rubbish bags ever again.