Manufacturing The Complete Range Of Polythene Single Wound Film To Your Exact Requirements With Rapid Lead Times Elite Provide A Product & Service Quality Above The Rest 

Automated Packaging Lines

Using the latest extrusion and polymer technologies our single wound sheeting is optimised for automated packaging lines. This ensures that our films flow through your packaging lines with maximum levels of efficiency in terms of packaging rate and cost. From shrink film to high strength non-shrink film we have the capability produce the single wound film you require.  

High Performance Single Wound

Our "Supa" blend of polythene exclusive to Elite Plastics produces a high strength film that allows for a thinner, lighter polythene to meet the same performance standards as regular polythene, the end result is excellent levels of cost savings and efficiency improvements. For shrink single wound we also offer our "Tuff" blend which is our exclusive high strength shrink film.

We manufacture single wound sheeting for both automated packaging lines and manual use.

Printed either on our in-line printers or on our high quality reel-to-reel printing presses.

Single Wound Thicknesses ranging from 25 Micron to 300 Micron (100 Gauge to 1200 Gauge)

Full extrusion width range from narrow to wide width.