eShrink - Elite Launch Cutting Edge Shrink Polythene



Elite's Cutting Edge Shrink Polythene Blend


eShrink - Conceived & Developed By Elite

For years Elite Plastics "Tuff" Shrink blend has been at the forefront of the shrink polythene industry in terms of offering incredible levels of shrink performance, strength and cost efficiency.

Elite Plastics technical team set itself the challenge to develop a shrink blend that raised the bar even higher, ensuring that Elite remains at the forefront of pioneering blend development. Working closely with polymer technical and innovation departments and utilising Elite's advanced extrusion capabilities our industry leading technical team produced eShrink.

eShrink's properties offer exceptionally high levels of strength and shrink capability while also using next generation polymers has properties that significantly reduces holing when undergoing any shrink process. This allows Elite's customers to increase the performance of their current shrink polythene and with the support of our technical sales team down-gauge to lower microns to show impressive cost savings and reduced polythene usage.

eShrink has been extensively trialled and tested over the last few months with outstanding success. Key product areas that will benefit from eShrink is Shrink Pallet Covers and Shrink Films.

If eShrink may be of interest to you and the polythene products that your company uses please get in touch with one of our sales team.