Elite Adopts Low Carbon Strategy

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At Elite Plastics our primary manufacturing processes are blown polythene film extrusion, printing and conversion. The process of manufacturing polythene products is an energy intensive process. Due to new equipment investment, the electricity usage at Elite Plastics has consistently increased. This along with rising electricity unit costs has led to Elite Plastics investigating potential projects that could make us a more energy efficient and responsible company.

Working together with the Carbon Trust a Green Business Opportunity Assessment was carried out on our site to highlight ways that we could achieve this. The on-site audit and report from the Carbon Trust identified ways in which Elite Plastics could reduce it's carbon footprint, make energy savings and become a more energy efficient and responsible company.

This has subsequently led Elite Plastics to adopt a Low Carbon Strategy and action the key recommendations made in the report provided by the Carbon Trust. One of the recommendations was to upgrade the entire site from our current lighting system to a brand new energy efficient LED system. Elite Plastics has large production halls in operation 24/7, a large on-site warehouse along with our offices so it is a large scale lighting project but with it comes a large energy cost saving and carbon reduction opportunity. With the support of the Carbon Trust's capital contribution towards the LED lighting system Elite Plastics took the decision to immediately make the upgrade. The project is due to be completed at the end of September and calculated to reduce our carbon footprint by 82.5 tonnes per annum. The lighting system is the first of many actions that are being taken to reduce the carbon footprint of Elite Plastics, in order to progress our new Low Carbon Strategy.

Did You Know?

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Elite Plastics has a reputation for producing innovative green carbon reducing polythene products. The latest of which is our Sustain polythene blend which is made from up to 80% Sugarcane based polymer replacing oil based polymer. Our sugarcane based polythene is 100% recyclable. The greatest thing is that Sugarcane is renewable unlike oil and by using it as a raw material for polythene it can offset the carbon produced in the manufacturing process due to the oxygen produced in the growing process of the Sugarcane. To find out more click here.