Elite Launch Sustainable Sugarcane Based Polythene

Elite Plastics have recently launched a brand new polythene blend that is the currently the greenest and most sustainable polythene blend available on the market throughout the world. Working alongside petrochemical giants Braskem an industry leader in sustainable chemistry, Elite Plastics are now able to manufacture polythene films, bags and covers that are Sugarcane based instead of oil based resulting in polythene products that are carbon positive, sustainable and recyclable.

The sugarcane polythene achieves it's carbon positive footprint through the large volumes of CO2 that is captured by the sugarcane as it is grown for the production of polythene. The production processes used to turn the sugarcane into the end polythene product indeed releases CO2 into the environment however the CO2 captured initially is greater than the CO2 released later resulting in a carbon positive polythene that is both sustainable and recyclable.

Braskem is a Brazilian company and Brazil is the leading producer of Sugarcane in the world. This has led to Braskem developing a Sugarcane based polymer as opposed to an oil based polymer. The significance of this innovation is huge with Elite Plastics partnering up with Braskem to use their Sugarcane based polymer in the production of our bags, films and covers to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

For more information on this new polythene blend visit our Sustainable Polythene page which contains all the information you need on this innovative new polymer.

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